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When you’re in pain and in need of a correction, change course for Columbus Chiropractic Care Center and get pain free again!

Whether you’re looking for treatment for acute pain, chronic pain, or just a checkup – you’ll find us ready to serve you and meet your personal needs.

All Levels of Chiropractic Treatment

You can come to us for effective chiropractic treatments of acute pain, chronic pain, or even health maintenance. You’ll find not only are we dedicated to offering the best in chiropractic treatments, but we do what we can to find the main causes of your pain and help eliminate them!

Patients of All Ages Welcome

From the elderly to our always active youth and everyone in between – we accept clients of all ages and love to see our clients smiling because they feel better!

We’re always happy to meet new clients. Give us a try!

Our professional chiropractor, Dr. Rupp, can help treat a variety of ailments such as:

  • Acute Pain – Suffering from sudden and sharp back or neck pains? Let us have a look and see if we can straighten out the problem.
  • Chronic Pain – Many people suffering long term chronic pain find relief with consistent chiropractic treatment.
  • Health Maintenance – Feeling fine, but want to make sure you don’t go into pain again? Come on in for health maintenance to stay on the straight and narrow!

When the pain is too much to stand, call 920-623-1106 and get Columbus Chiropractic Care Center on your side to a speedy recovery!

Columbus Chiropractic Care

Appointment Times

Monday: 8:30am–Noon 2–6pm
Wednesday: 8:30am–Noon 2–6pm
Friday: 8:30am–Noon 2–6pm

Receptionist Only (no appointments)

Tuesday: 8:30am–Noon
Thursday: 8:30am–Noon

We are ready to assist you today. Contact us today so we can set you up with an appointment right away!

Dr. Susan Rupp

Dr. Susan Rupp

Dr. Rupp is an experienced chiropractor that is ready to assist you with all your chiropractic needs.

Chiropractic Care for the family

Family Chiropractic Care

We accept clients of ALL ages and are here to provide excellent chiropractic care for the entire family!

Featuring Laser Therapy

Lazer Therapy

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is intensified energy for the natural healing. The laser light penetrates deep into the tissue, into each individual cell.

The cell absorbs the energy from the laser light and promotes all of the body's natural repair mechanisms.

Laser therapy reinforces the healing process and strengthens the immune system. Laser therapy supports the body's own functions and makes them happen markedly faster.

Accelerated Natural Healing

The healing time for acute injuries is significantly reduced. Wounds heal quickly and effectively.

Accelerated healing

The following are typical examples:

  • Sprains: Fully heal in 6-8 days
  • Tennis elbow/mouse arm: Heals up in 4-10 treatments
  • Leg ulcer: Heals up in 2-3 weeks
  • Arthritis pain: Is reduced, often significantly

How often will I need treatment?
It depends on the specific problem, whether it's an acute injury or a repetitive strain injury sustained over a longer period of time. Typically 5-10 treatments over the course of 2-3 weeks. One laser treatment typically takes 2-15 minutes and is often combined with other treatment.

Does it hurt?
Laser therapy itself is painless, it can sometimes feel like a slight prickle or tingling.

Are there any side effects?
There are no known side effects to laser therapy. At the most, there may be a therapy reaction, such as increased discomfort in the treated area. This is perfectly normal and will usually go away within 12-24 hours.

When not to use laser therapy?
At this time, we do not recommend treating patients who are pregnant or have been diagnosed with cancer.
There's currently no documentation indicating that laser therapy would be harmful in these cases, however, just to be safe, and to avoid liability issues, we do not recommend using laser therapy for pregnant women or cancer patients.

Is laser dangerous?
It depends on the power and the type of laser. All lasers from PowerMedic are developed according to current standards for medical equipment. This means that known risks are eliminated or minimized so that the treatment can be applied as safely as possible.

Acute Back Pain

Acute Pain

Feeling a sudden sharp pain in your lower back? Have that sharp painful throb from sleeping on your neck wrong? Maybe it’s time to visit Columbus Chiropractic Care Center to get straightened out to a pain free day!

Acute Back Pain

Chronic Pain

Over time many people accept chronic pain as just a way of life. Depending on the ailment, sometimes chiropractic care can greatly reduce the level of pain or make it occur less often. When you’re ready to give another treatment a shot, it’s time to call Columbus Chiropractic Care Center!

Chiropractic Maintenance

Health Maintenance

Health maintenance is an important part of Columbus Chiropractic Care Center’s practice. You not only want to get healthy and pain free, but you want to remain that way. You can count on us to help develop a personalized plan to help keep you healthy and as pain free as possible!

Service Area: Columbus, Sun Prairie, Watertown, De Forest, Marshall, Poynette, Waterloo, Fox Lake WI, Deerfield, Rio, Arlington and surrounding communities.

Page Summary: Columbus Chropractic Care offers a chiroprator for relief of back pain, sciatic nerve pain & neck and shoulder pain. Services such as neck pain relief, lower back pain treatment, severe lower back pain relief as well as adjustments for a backache are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in chiro, chiropratic in Columbus, Sun Prairie, Beaver Dam as well as Watertown. Other areas we serve include De Forest, Cottage Grove, Lake Mills and Marshall. We also service Poynette, Waterloo and beyond.